When I’m looking at my room, I have the essentials. I have a full size mattress, a small desk, night stand and even a decent sized closet. There are pictures and mirrors on my walls. It’s a nice room, the nicest I’ve had since I moved out of my parents place. But the one thing I’ve always wanted isn’t there. As odd as it may sound, I’ve always thought the day I’m able to have a real sofa in my room, is when I can say I’ve done well for myself. When my room is large enough for a three seater, then I can say I am at the place I wanted to get to. 

Skateboarding is a massive part of Sofa. The older I get, the more I thought I would naturally phase skateboarding out of my life. One reason I thought this is because I’m not very good. In fact, compared to most, I’m pretty bad. But I haven’t been able to escape it. The culture of skateboarding is just too inviting, sometimes to a fault. Every day I wake up, one of the first things I do is think about whether or not I will be able to skate today. If that feeling ever fades, then I know it is time to do something else.

That being said, Sofa is not just about skateboarding. Most of our content and features will not be about it. So if you can kickflip, that’s great and you’ll enjoy what we have to offer. And if you can’t kickflip, that's okay, too. You’ll still be able to watch our videos, read our articles, and relate to each of them. 

Special thanks to my parents, Christian and Patrick Rice, Sebastian Gonzalez, Atiba Rougier, and everyone else who helped me out along the way. You may not realize it, but you’ve all had an unexplainable influence on me.


- joey





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